Welcome to the Abernathy/Abernethy family website! 

If you are new to family history or an old hand, I welcome you.  The information on these pages comes from literally hundreds of researchers and family members who have compiled the information. 

I am NOT the one that did the research, aside from some of my own direct line.  I must give credit to the late Arvord Abernathy.  Over a dozen years ago, with his permission, I began putting his book of family research into my own database.  He felt that this information must be shared, so here it is.  It has grown over the years into what we have here.

There is no WAY that I can say that the data is completely accurate.  In fact, I've begun reviewing the database to try to eliminate as many errors as possible.  For example, the first of my line in the US was Robert Abernethy from Scotland.  How he got here is a matter of record.  However who his parents were -  that's not well documented - if at all; thus, I will only go back as far as him.  When (if) we get the information, then it will be added.  I'm also starting to 'scrub' the data to privatize the information for living relatives.  If I miss someone, please contact me.

Now, I have to ask - if you do look over the information and find errors or omissions PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  The sooner we can correct these errors, the better we will all be.  Also, if you have any citations for the facts, that would also be welcome.

- Brian Abernathy

Here is the current database.