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 Abernathy / Abernethy Family Genealogy

     Welcome! This site is dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information, stories and data concerning the Abernethy ~  Abernathy families.
     Many years have been spent researching, digging, debating and correcting information on family connections by mutiple Abernathy family members as well as myself and we are still trying 
to connect all of the dots.
     Thank you to those who have very generously shared your resources. and documentation.
     Every effort has been made to present factual data. Although I can guarantee that there is probably at least ONE error! If you find errors, or if you can share additional information or documentation, we would gladly welcome your help.
     If you find material on this website that you 
feel should be private, such as birth dates for a living person, please let us know so it can be removed.

Our Earliest Documented Abernathy Family Ancestor ~  ROBERT EBERNATHELL 

Our branch of the family are descendants of Robert Ebernathell ~ Abernathy.  Robert arrived in Charles City County, Virginia in 1652, when he was nineteen years old.  He was still using the Gaelic spelling of Abernathy, which would indicate his being from Scotland; however, as of the current date, there is no documented proof of that or his parents names.

The Scots were defeated at the Battle of Dunbar on 3 Sep 1650 and the following year,  The Battle of Worcester began 
on September 3, 1651.  Cromwell timed his attack on Worcester to coincide with the first anniversary of his victory at Dunbar. After the Scots were defeated at these two battles, they suffered horrible treatment and imprisonment.  Eventually many surviving Scots prisoners were sent as forced laborers to the Colonies.  Since Robert arrived in 1652 and worked for five years as an indentured servant, many researchers have assumed he was a prisoner of war, which 
he very well may have been.  There are not complete records of every prisoner of war sent to the Colonies and some 
of the names on available records were illegible.

See the tab for Robert Ebernathell ~ Abernathy for more information.

   Family History or Tall Tales ?   

   Were you and your siblings "educated" about your family's very intriguing history by your parents, grandparents or other special relatives? Or were they merely entertaining you with their favorite "Tall Tales"?
     Many of us have all heard at least a couple of these family legends. Some are true, while others can be attributed to wild imagination and great storytelling. 
     We would like to include a section for your family's stories or "Tall Tales". So, if you remember wonderful family stories please share, we would love to include them.
                 Wars and Conflicts 
    Our ancestors may have fought in:

  • American Revolutionary War   1775 - 1783
  • Second Seminole War    1835 - 1842
  • Mexican-American War  1846 - 1848
  • Civil War   1861 - 1865
  • Spanish American War   1898
  • World War I     1914 - 1918
  • World War II    1939 - 1945
  • Korean Conflict    1950 - 1953
     The data which is presented on these pages is a collaborative effort, by MANY researchers, not just myself. Whenever possible, I have cited the source, but that is not always available. Please do NOT assume that the information is correct simply because it is on the Internet! Always try to verify any data that you find.

***This data may be freely used for your research, but please remember that any duplication for profit is strictly prohibited.

If you would like a copy of any of the older photographs, please email me.

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