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Cartersville, Georgia           March 31, 1910

Rev. Bardy Larkin Abemathy Was Among Those Settling in Bartow after the Indians Left

The many friends of Rev. Bard Abernathy will be pleased to learn that he has sufficiently rallied from the effects of the accident that ten months ago put him in bed as to be able to sit up again. One day in the month of May last year while going into his front yard from his house his foot twisted and he fell from the step to the ground and in the fall his hip was dislocated. He took his bed and his injuries were so great and lasting that he had to lay in one position, flat of his back, for ten long months. He has also acquired better use of himself and sits up, and Captain John J, Calhoun, with his characteristic generosity and thoughtfulness has secured for Mr. Abernathy a wheel chair in which he can roll himself about.

No picture of pious resignation we have ever seen has equaled that which Mr. Abernathy displayed as he lay on his bed recently and talked so calmly and cheerfully to those around, never murmuring because of the confinement and suffering he had to endure, merely saying that those possessing good health should appreciate such a blessing.

Mr. Abemathy is one of the most interesting figures in Bartow County's history, He was among the pioneer settlers of the county, coming here from Lincoln County, North Carolina, at the age of seventeen, which was in 1842. He bought forty acres of land where he now lives on since his coming to the county and has lived there continuously for sixty-eight years.

When he came here the Western & Atlantic railroad was just being constructed. The grade had been about finished but the ties had not been put on. The road was put in operation about the year 1847.  He helped lay the tracks of the road, The first bridge across the Etowah River was 600 yards long and Mr. Abernathy states that he walked the bridge many times.

The Abernathy family is quite a large one, and he is the oldest member now living. He has been a primitive Baptist preacher nearly all of his life, and has several brothers, all of whom are Primitive Baptists.
Parents:   Nathan & Eve Cline Abernathy.  Bardy Larkin Abernathy - 1827-1914.
From the branch of Miles Abernathy & Ursula Bradshaw, of NC
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