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Information copied from their website with permisson 2014

Why We Initiated the Abernathy DNA Project

The Abernathy Project was started in 2005 
by Elizabeth Ferguson and Margaret Ogilvie

We are a small group of researchers who for many years, both independently and in collaboration with each other, have been researching Abernathy families who can be traced to Southside Virginia in colonial times.

We found that there were at least three apparently separate branches of Abernathys in the area. The earliest known ancestors for the three branches are: Charles, whose birth year we estimate at 1720 or before; David, whose birth year we estimate at 1706 or before; and Robert, who is known to have arrived in the colonies in 1652. Our initial objective was to determine if these three lines are related to each other and if so, to find some clues as to how they were related and possibly when they diverged from a common ancestor.

We were also aware of a William Abernethy who was living in Wallingford, CT in the late 1600's. One of the more amazing revelations of the DNA project was that William of CT and Robert of VA were closely related; out of 43 markers tested, our two William descendants' DNA differed from the DNA prototype of the Robert descendants by only two markers.

Our interests have broadened over time to include all Abernathys, regardless of spelling variation, found anywhere in the world.

If interested in this project, please contact:  Margaret Ogilvie    scopete@msn.com


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