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The above article about Pollie Abernathy was probably clipped from a Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper but we don't know the name of the newspaper or the date of the article. If anyone has the info, please share. 
(According to the dates on her headstone, Pollie was less than month from turning 90 when she died.)

     (Mary "Pollie" Barnett Deweese Abernathy)
     I knew there were a lot of Kimseys living around    Ducktown and Copperhill, in and around the Copper Basin of Southeastern Tennessee. I’d been told that Knoxville Police Chief Joe Kimsey is from that same big family.
     Then this past week Mrs. Martha Campbell, now of Maryville Route 5, sent me a picture of Joe’s Grandmother. Her name was Pollie Abernathy and she was also the Grandmother of Mrs. Campbell. Joe’s Mother and Mrs. Campbell’s Mother were sisters.
     Pollie Abernathy was the Mother of 14 children, seven boys and seven girls. Her husband, who died when her smallest child was an infant, was a minister of the Gospel who preached to the Cherokee Indians in Cherokee County, N.C.
     Pollie lived on Little Hanging Dog Creek, a creek named after an Indian chief. I have read somewhere. That country is full of colorful names, many of them of Indian origin.
     Pollie was 92 when she died. Her daughter, Mrs. Campbell’s Mother, lived to be 89. Mrs. Campbell says Chief Kimsey’s Mother still lives.
     The picture here is of Pollie and was made when she was 80 years old, Mrs. Campbell says.

Pollie was buried in the Chestua Baptist 
Church Cemetery, located in
Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee
The bottom line on her headstone, reads:

   "Mother is gone but not forgotten"

Pollie was married to REV. RUFUS PICKNEY 
ABERNATHY who died on 12 Jul 1882 at the age of 46. A Baptist preacher, he traveled Cherokee County, N. C. by horseback, preaching the gospel to the Indians.

He is buried in the Hanging Dog Baptist 
Cemetery in Murphy, Cherokee County, N. C.
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